Archer Air Superiority

It’s the classic men’s dilemma: you’re left the ribs in the oven too long, and the kitchen has acquired that burnt carbon scent. Or your dog jumped in every puddle on the way back from the park, and now the entryway smells of wet canine. Or one of your less well-groomed friends came over, and the living room reeks of cheese fries and failure. Either way, you’re in need some air freshener.

Fortunately, you don’t need to settle for flower and unicorn fart scented room spray anymore. Archer Air Superiority has created a line of air fresheners so masculine that a Canadian men’s website has found itself in the odd position of gushing about air freshener — yeah, it was a surprise for me, too.

Archer has three scents: European sports car, distillery and hunting lodge. For my money, hunting lodge is easily the best choice. I sprayed it for a friend who hunts, without telling him what it was, and he picked up on the old wood and dampness right away. Distillery also smells pretty good. It’s all copper and charred oak. The only scent I didn’t get into was Archer’s European sports car — I can’t make out the leather and it’s a bit sweet, although in a masculine way. Then again, I’m not the biggest pistonhead in the world, so what do I know?

Now, my room smells like it’s north of Manitoulin instead of in downtown Toronto, and it’s about time.

Archer Air Superiority sells room sprays at $14 each, or buy the whole collection for $42. 

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