Combatant Gentlemen Japanese Raw Selvedge Denim

Let teenagers wear that pre-faded crap—when we wear denim, we look for two things. One, it should be raw. Two, it should be selvedge. Also, it doesn’t hurt if it’s a third thing: Japanese. After all, raw selvedge denim (if you’re unclear, here’s a primer) has a whole host of upsides, including better durability and that personalized feeling you can only get by breaking in your own pair of jeans. It also has one major downside: cost. A pair might run you $200. Or more. Enter Combatant Gentlemen, the online menswear that ships right to your door and cuts down on painful retail mark-ups. They’re getting into the denim game with their Japanese raw selvedge denim for—get this—$70. They come in indigo, black, and grey, sizes 28-40, and when they say raw, they mean raw. Not pre-shrinking, no sanforizing, nothing. The cotton is grown in northern Japan, the denim is woven in southern Japan, and the cut and assembly happens in Los Angeles—and the cut includes minimal branding. And again, $70. Sweet.

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