One-on-One with Indochino’s Tom Kearnan

Pay enough attention to this space, and you’ll know that we’re big fans of Indochino. We liked them back when they were online-only, we made sure to book a spot when their travelling tailor came to town, and things have only gotten better since they put down roots and started opening retail space in the real world.

As you can imagine, it was a real treat to speak with Tom Kearnan, Indochino’s director of product and merchandise. We talked about Indochino’s winter collection, the finer points of matching textures, and a little about Indochino’s new and bold range of luxury dinner jackets.

This collection focuses on very earthy tones, like chestnut, charcoal, and espresso, along with cool tones like navy and indigo. What inspired that?

“This collection was inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest region: the cool blues and greys of the water and earthy tones of the abundant forests and hiking trails.”

How should men go about mixing and matching textures?

“When putting together an outfit, opt for a fabric that is heavier in texture on top, such as a brushed jacket. Layer this with cleaner, lighter textures in the vest and pants. Tight twill, fine wale corduroy and flannel fabrics are good options.

Keep the look clean and make sure the different fabrics appear as separates by offsetting colour combinations. Navy and burgundy work really well together, as do tan and charcoal.”

What should men know about winter fabrics?

“Winter suiting fabrics are heavier in weight with a flannel finish, which helps keep you warm.”

What does a guy need to do to successfully pull off a white dinner jacket?

“You can pull off almost anything if you wear it with confidence.”

What’s your favourite item in the Winter 2015 collection?

“Our Fog Gray Glen Plaid Suit is a personal favourite—it’s a versatile choice that pulls all of the colours of the season together.”

What’s your must-have winter accessory?

“Anything cashmere! We created a series of reversible cashmere scarves and caps this season. They’re soft to touch and are sure to take the chill off on a frosty morning.”

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