Review: 2eros Underwear

So, you’ve been hitting the gym, eating right, and doing crunches during every possible break, and it’s finally happened—you’ve got v-lines. Sure, your abs are chilled, your glutes are so tough that you can leg press over a thousand, and you and your gym buddies are doing bicep curls like you’re CT Fletcher, but all of that takes the back seat to v-lines when it comes to impressing the ladies. So, here’s how you accentuate those v-lines: with a good pair of underwear. Specifically, with 2eros.

Why put a lot of thought into an item of clothing that’s covered up ninety-nine per cent of the time you spend with other people? Because that other one per cent is pretty important, that’s why. And the ladies think so too. The stuff made by 2eros is clean, simple, and sophisticated enough to satisfy her—and you too.

The main thing 2eros has over other types of underwear is their fabric: tactel. It’s a synthetic fibre that’s a type of nylon. It’s lightweight, soft, but most importantly, it wicks moisture away from your body. Indeed, it dries about eight times faster than cotton, making sweat one less thing to worry about.

In terms of cuts, we like the low-rise trunks ($30-$37), but the low-rise briefs ($22-$35) aren’t without their charms. The key phrase here is “low-rise”; not only will you show off those v-lines, but you won’t look like a teenager from the late nineties when you take your shirt off. Also key: bold but sensible colours, support where you need it, and a sense of luxurious simplicity. See, who says you need to pick your underwear from the two for one basket?

2eros can be purchased on line, of course, and from the Briefing RoomMesobobette, and Stroked Ego

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