Review: Argan Oil

So, let’s get that first question out of the way: what the hell is argan oil? Well, it’s a plant oil that’s cold-pressed from the nuts of an argan tree. What’s an argan tree? Well, it’s a thorny, gnarled tree endemic to Morocco, where they’ve been using argan oil for hundreds of years. What do they use it for? Food, medicine, and cosmetic purposes. I’m not sure about the first two uses, but I’ve been testing out argan oil’s cosmetic uses for the past few weeks, and I’m sold.

Sold in Canada by Leaves of Trees, Argan Oil ($60) has high levels of vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene, and fatty acids, along with significant anti-oxidant properties. It works pretty well as a moisturizer; just rub a couple of drops into your skin and you’re good to go.

It’s also good as a hair or beard balm. After your shower, skip your regular hair product and rub a drop or two of argan oil into your hair and beard. It’ll reduce kinks and frizz and give you a little shine.

My favourite way to use it, though, is as a scalp moisturizer. I (or my girlfriend, when I’m lucky) massage a small amount into my scalp about thirty minutes before a shower.

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