Review: Junkface Prevention Kit

Okay, not every guy is going to use stuff like argan oil or anti-aging product. That’s fine.

But every guy should care about his face. Employers are judging you. Women are judging you. Your competition is judging you.

So what’s the quickest, easiest way to maintain your face without acquiring an entire salon’s worth of product? Easy: the Neutrogena Junkface Prevention Kit ($15). It contains:

Face wash: cleans the oil and dirt from your pores. Remove the oil and dirt from your pores, decrease the potential for blackheads. Simple.

Face lotion SPF 20: Why wear face lotion? Because it’s better than sunscreen but gives you the same benefits, that’s why. It’s light, non-greasy, prevents dryness, and your face will thank you in about ten years.

Skin clearing shave cream: What makes this shave cream different than other shave creams? It’s an oil-free formula. No razor burn, plus improved skin clarity.

You get two bonuses as well: a hand cream, in case you’re interested in extending your new care regimen, and a nylon case, so you can pack everything up and still have a spotless counter. Your move, gentlemen.

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