Review: The Foot Hammock

Sometimes you’d like to put your feet up and relax. Other times you’re working. Why can’t you do both? Because you totally can! This is the foot hammock ($30). You install it under your desk, and bam! Put your feet up while you’re working. Or pretending to work while you Reddit all day.

What we like:

Genuinely relaxing. Especially if you kick your shoes off first.

Adjustable. I once used an overturned recycling bin for the same purpose. This thing is better because you can alter the height to your own specs.

Easy install. Screw some hooks into the underside of your desk, slip the cords over, and you’re good to go.

Easy to hide. Slip the cords off and it’s easy to secret away in a deck drawer.

Neat options. Want warm feet? You can upgrade to a fleece foot hammock. Want even warmer feet? There’s heated fleece.

What we don’t:

You need to break out your screwdriver to install it. That’s no big deal if you work from home, but if you work somewhere corporate, they might not like holes in the goods.

Kinda dorky. Again, mainly a problem if you need to work around lots of people. Like in an open office or something.

Bottom line:

Relaxing little feature for work. We love it.

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