Satchel & Page Leather Bags

Tired of your off the rack nylon bag making your look like a teenager or bike courier—or worse, your super-expensive leather bag falling apart? So presumably are the people of Satchel & Page, purveyors of fine leather bags inspired by the timeless style of 1940s leatherwear.

How serious are these guys about quality leatherwear? Check out their infographic. They’re committed to higher quality (but much more time consuming) vegetable tanning, as opposed to industry-standard chrome tanning, even though it means a difference of twenty to forty days.

Satchel & Page’s Kickstarter has completely blown up, hitting $100,000 with a couple of weeks left to go, and they’re offering discounts to contributors, so now’s the time to hit them up. Currently their line includes a map case, a mail bag, a brief case, a pilot’s bag, and, our favourite, a Gladstone.

Someone get on the horn with Canadian cartoonist Seth; he’d be all over this stuff, but eschewing modern conveniences means missing out on Kickstarter deals.

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