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If there’s one thing we know at DailyXY, it’s suits. Our ideal suit is bespoke, or at least tailored, because if it doesn’t fit perfectly, then why bother?

In a nutshell: go get a suit. Make sure it fits perfectly. Here’s where you can make that happen.

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak started out online, doing a monthly box club. Three years later, they’ve opened a location on Queen Street West, and it’s more than just a clothing store. You’ll find a barber shop, a café, their in-store magazine, and a consultant armed with your online profile, ready to customize your experience. It’s almost more like hanging out at a fraternal club than a store.


Once upon a time, getting measured for a suit involved shooting the breeze with an old guy armed with a measuring tape and a stubby pencil. These days, it involves stepping into an optical body scanner and getting a full digital scan. No, really. At Surmesur, they’re interested in the most perfect of perfect fit, and their consultants can get that for you in jackets, fitted shirts, pants, suits, tuxedos, and more. Everything but jeans and streetwear.


Indochino also got its start online, offering well-fitted, beautiful suits to Millennials for bargain prices thanks to the fact that they cut out the middlemen. Then they started the traveling tailor. That is, they sent their team around Canada, measuring men and providing bespoke suits four weeks later. Now they’re on King East, offering tailored suits at good prices.


Want a little bit of Paris in Toronto? Then Parisian boutique Loding is the place for you. They carry cashmere, shirts, ties, shoes, and socks, and they’re the only place around Toronto that will do custom dye jobs for your shoes. Simple but unique is the name of the game here, and a pair of hand-crafted, individually dyed shoes is something that just can’t be had anywhere else.

Garrison Bespoke

Bespoke isn’t just marketing at Garrison Bespoke. Buy a suit there, and you’re going to attend at least four fittings. They’re going to take thirty measurements. It’s going to be completely customized. You won’t find the suit you get in a lookbook or catalogue, because it will spring entirely from your conversations with the men at Garrison Bespoke. It’s a major investment of time and money, but a custom suit is also a milestone.

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