Standard Apparel Warehouse Sale

We have two pieces of good news for you.

One: the weatherman is predicting a mild winter.

Two: you’ll be able to take advantage of all the sartorial possibilities shedding your parka will offer by paying a visit to Standard Apparel’s biannual warehouse sale.

The quick details: Standard Apparel, Canadian purveyors of powerful brands and high-quality threads, are holding their warehouse sale from November 12th to the 14th. It will be an off-the-hook fashion bonanza, featuring brands like Fred Perry, Oliver Spencer, Todd Snyder, Filson, Aigle, Nau, Côte&Ciel, Rivieras, and HBC.

You can expect some incredible savings too—they get as high as 80%. As you might expect, savings like this attract a big crowd, so our advice is to get there early.

Oh, and one last thing: this sale will feature both men’s and women’s apparel. So, if you’re perhaps shopping with a partner, or maybe even securing an early present, here’s a golden opportunity.

What? The Standard Apparel Seasonal Warehouse Sale
Who? Standard Apparel, the Canadian distributor of Fred Perry, Oliver Spencer, Todd Snyder, Filson, Aigle, Nau, Côte&Ciel, Rivieras, and HBC.
Where? 87 Wingold Ave., Unit 1, Toronto, M6B 1P8.
When? Three days only. Thursday, November 12th, to Saturday, November 14th.
Hours? Thursday and Friday, 10AM to 7PM; Saturday, 10AM to 4PM.
And can I follow this on social media? Sure thing. Hit them up on Facebook @StandardApparel, on Instagram @StandardApparelToronto, or on Twitter @StandardApparel. Oh, and don’t forget to check out their website.


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