Strongbody Apparel

You’re a busy guy, so let’s get down to brass tacks.

Strongbody Apparel. Now on Kickstarter. Drop $50 or more and you get early access to their goods. What are their goods? Oder-free active wear. Key points:

  • Made with odour-fighting nanotechnology. You can be active and not worry about stinking up the gym.
  • It’s eco-friendly. The aforementioned nanotechnology is made from crab and shrimp shells. Certified by the EPA.
  • It’s stylish and non-branded. Don’t feel like flying a label every time you put on a shirt? Yeah, us neither.
  • Made in Canada. Their headquarters is in downtown Vancouver, and they manufacture five minutes away. Keep it local, am I right?

Check ‘em out, quickly.

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