Review: The Modern Man’s Shower Supplies

Need a little extra hydration in the shower? No surprise there. Soap tends to dry skin out. If you’re in that boat, check out these solutions.

eShave’s Moisturizing Bath Soap

They’re experts in men’s shaving, and now they’re moving into skin care. eShave’s new moisturizing bath soap ($15), made in Provence, is triple milled and comes with vegetable-based moisturizers. It has no sulphates, a pretty superior lather, and comes in white tea, orange sandalwood, and verbena lime scents.

Clear Men Scalp Therapy

Dandruff got you down? Clean Men’s Scalp Therapy will clear that right up. It’ll also leave your scalp feeling fresh, probably because it has ginseng, tea tree oil, and mint.

Old Spice Wild Collection

They may be the kings of wacky advertising (seriously, wolfdog?), but they make a good shower gel. It comes in two scents, Hawkridge and Wolfhorn (again, seriously, wolfdog?), and the collection includes deodorant ($5), body wash ($5), and cologne ($9).

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