Trakline Belt

The guy behind Trakline Belts, Karl Kozak, calls belt holes “a poor solution to a very old problem”. We’re with him there. It seems like wear on the belt hole can warp leather, and sometimes they just don’t fit correctly. We didn’t have the same problem Kozak talk about in his Kickstarter video—of ruining a belt by trying to puncture it ourselves—because we used a leather punch, but his point stands.

Trakline belts have no holes because they have a track system on the inside, allowing you to adjust your size to within quarter of an inch, leaving the outside of the belt looking good. His belts are all full grain leather and his buckles are stainless steel with a nickel finish. Best of all, Trakline’s Kickstarter is way more than fully funded and has twenty four days to go, leaving plenty of time to order up.

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