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The line between business and casual has always been a difficult one to distinguish. Choosing something you feel comfortable wearing during the day and late at night can ultimately save you a bunch of time and money. Here are a few simple fashion tips and tricks to help you blend for both business and pleasure.

The Formal office

If you work in an environment where suits and ties are required, it might be a little difficult to find an outfit that will not make you stick out at an event or club—or is it? Materials are the key, and choosing suit jackets that can be paired with jeans or relaxed pants can make all the difference. If you wear a more breathable less restrictive material you, will be able to blend nicely when you decide to stray from office life for a night out on the town.

The expression loosening your tie is not just an expression; taking off your tie completely can change the vibe of an outfit immensely. You may be known as a working stiff during the day but that should not be your persona when you want to bust a move.

The Superman Quick Change

You know that moment when Superman ducks into a phone booth and rips off his suit, changing into his superhero duds? Maybe take some time to consider that when you want to go out. Remember, less is always more. Instead of wearing a sweater and a blazer and six layers of shirts maybe stick to a simple button up with a tie. Layering during the day can show maturity in fashion, but at night women want to know you have a nice body.

Take another cue from Superman. No one wants to see your underwear over your pants, but you could learn to add some colour. Try pairing a red pair of pants ($24) like these from ASOS, which might bring out your inner Man of Steel.

The Relaxed office

If, instead of suits and ties you get to wear sneakers and jeans, you clearly understand pleasure style—but your business fashion may need a little fine-tuning. Instead of loosening, consider tightening up, because your twenties are over, being taken seriously will become your main goal. I know there is nothing wrong with having a more relaxed style but simple changes can be made to move you into a more mature wardrobe. Dark wash jeans and a patterned button up are always in style but adding a skinny tie or a black leather shoe can give you that push you need. Not only will your office be happy you ditched your ten-year-old converse sneakers, but the lady in your life will love the update. Joseph Gordon Levitt has been sporting the relaxed fashion look for a while now, and trust me he looks good.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.
Photo courtesy of Michael Dunn

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