Honey, We Need Space

The average person in India has less than 100 square feet to call his or her own, which is a stern reminder that we Canadians have it pretty good. Still, I’m sharing a 700 square foot condo with my boyfriend, dreaming of a day when we won’t have to keep winter boots in the hallway all summer long. (A problem, I’ll add, they don’t have in India.) Space – not just physical, but also psychological and personal – is essential to a healthy relationship, but how much is the right amount?

Joined-at-the-Hip Disorder
Symptoms: A duo that spends as much waking (and sleeping) time together as humanly possible, and uses the word “we” in every other sentence.
Diagnosis: It’s cute – for the first few weeks. Then, it gets annoying, as you put yourselves at risk of the dreaded Chronic Identical Outfit Affliction.

See-You-Tomorrow Syndrome
Symptoms: Separate bedrooms (or maybe apartments).
Diagnosis: One partner might be a night owl, the other an early riser. Or, maybe you snore, or she throttles your neck in her sleep. So long as you’re still sleeping together – and just not sleeping together – a good night’s sleep might bring more sanity to the relationship.

Nightly-Knitting-Circle Condition
“Oh, it’s all girls tonight, hon.” “Tonight’s the reunion of my high school knitting circle.”
Diagnosis: No one person can fulfill all of her social and emotional needs – even you. Spending time apart is crucial, and jealousy over her occasional night out is unwarranted. But if knitting reunions are happening a couple times a week, she might just not like you that much.

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