How to Win Her Back

Here at DailyXY, we often talk about how to win over a woman. Winning back a woman that you’ve already had, though, is a different story. There are no hard and fast rules to navigating post-breakup-land. Still, some basic principles should help. Here, six steps to winning her back.

1. Establish Your Motive
Before proceeding, make sure you want her back for the right reasons. Wrong reasons include fear of being alone, and fear of losing your in-house cook and/or maid.

2. Wait
For the first little while, avoid non-essential communication. You’re not going to win her heart by playing her BFF through your breakup. Plus, if you try to reunite before she’s had a chance to miss you, you could blow your chances altogether.

3. Get It Together
Try to be at least as good as the you she fell in love with. Get into shape. Dress well. Gun for that promotion you’ve been after.

4. Actions, Not Words
Work on the things that caused problems in your relationship, but don’t promise to change. Instead, change. Or at least, recognize that promises are cheap and just play up your strengths instead.

5. Actions, Not Gifts
Don’t bribe her. Gifts work wonders when things are going well. When they’re not, they’ll be a symbol that you’re offering too little, too late.

6. Don’t Be Desperate
As always, the faintest scent of desperation can send things off-course. Show her that you know you’ll both survive if it really is the end. Confidence and positivity — not neediness — will win her back.

Image by D Sharon Pruitt, courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography.

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