Interview: Maria del Mar

A veteran actress, Maria del Mar has been in Street Legal, Terminal City, and Murdoch Mysteries. She can currently be seen in Looking is the Original Sin with Katie Boland, where she plays a self-destructive photographer based on the life of Diane Arbus. Looking is the Original Sin plays at the Carlton from November twenty-second.

Do you agree that the camera makes people more interesting than they really are? 

I think that entirely depends on the kind of person you are. Some people allow themselves to be more indulgent then they would be in real life. Others would panic at the intimacy the camera can demand at times.

It’s a refreshing change that Toronto is playing itself in this film; does it help your performance that you’ve lived here?

I loved that it was shot here in Toronto. I have filmed in Europe, throughout the USA as well as in South America. There is a comfort and reference that you inherently feel when you are working at home.

If you could play any part, under any director, what would they be?

This question could possibly take me several weeks to think about let alone decide on. For that reason I will throw this one out there with out thinking about it too much . . . I would love to take over Jessica Lang’s part (all seasons) in American Horror Story with all of the directors she has been working with.

What’s your favourite cocktail? 

Martini, dry, extra GOOD olives but not dirty, in an old fashioned martini glass. Straight up, and make it two!

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