Interview: Michelle Mylett

Sick of getting into a horror flick and running into the inevitable plot point where everyone discovers that their phones aren’t charged, or have no signal, or the internet doesn’t work for some reason . . . insert further contrivance here? Well, maybe Antisocial is the film for you. Five university friends gathered for New Year’s Eve discover that an outbreak of violence has overtaken most of the world as they watch in horror over social media channels, waiting for the violence to touch them.

Following a lengthy and successful run on the festival circuit, Antisocial is opening in theatres, starting at the Carlton, December 13. We caught up with leading lady Michelle Mylett for a few words.

So, is the moral of the story to be nowhere near a party when the end of the world happens?

If the world is ending, I don’t think it matters where you are. It’s just going to suck.

What happens when there’s an end of the world virus that can be transferred through twitter? What if twitter IS the virus?

Then I will be safe! No twitter for me, guess I’m paranoid since we filmed the movie . . .

 You guys have had a pretty impressive festival run; which was your favourite and why?

I would have to say that bringing it to my home town of Vancouver for VIFF was my personal favorite. Both of my ninety year old grandmothers came. They sat through the entire thing and told me that they liked it despite the dark story line and blood. It was very cute.

Do you have a zombie survival plan, and if so, are you bugging in or bugging out?

I don’t know what “bugging in or bugging out” means . . . maybe its because I’m not on twitter. No survival plan, but as you’ve seen I’m real nice with an axe so I should be ok.

What’s your favourite cocktail that you could still make during the apocalypse? 

Bloody Mary.

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