Men Expose What Turns Them Off

There are certain things men look for in a relationship. Some guys like athletic girls who go to cross fit every day, while others prefer chicks with tattoos who like riding motorcycles. And while men enjoy a variety of different body types and personalities, most agree that there are certain things about women that really turn them off.

We turned to Reddit to find out more about the subject. Many agreed that the following things can be deal breakers:


It’s not uncommon for a guy to have female friends and colleagues. If a girlfriend can’t handle it when her man talks to these girls or mentions them in a conversation, it can be a real challenge. Men like to be trusted, and just because they have female acquaintances doesn’t mean they’re romantically interested in them.


Unless a guy smokes too, many men don’t like it when their significant other lights up. It smells, it stains teeth, and it’s just all-around unappealing. No one likes to see cigarette butts scattered throughout the house or when a woman takes the inevitable smoking break during family functions.

Bad Oral Hygiene

This is a big one. Who wants to kiss someone who doesn’t brush their teeth very often or neglects their pearly whites? Bad breath is also a turn-off. If a woman doesn’t take care of her teeth, what else is she neglecting?

Talking Too Much About Past Relationships

Everyone has baggage, and it’s important to be open and honest about past relationships. But there’s only so much a man can take when it comes to conversations about an ex-boyfriend. If a woman keeps going on and on about an ex, it appears as though she’s still hung up on him. No one likes to be the second choice.

Constant Complaining

Everyone needs to vent now and then, particularly if it was a really bad day. But when a woman is always negative, it becomes a real downer. No one likes to spend time with someone who is constantly complaining and unhappy.

Being Too Needy

It’s okay to depend on a partner for certain things, but it’s unhealthy for a woman to be too dependent on her boyfriend. It can be suffocating. One Reddit user commented, “As soon as I discover a woman isn’t emotionally stable on her own, her attractiveness goes down tenfold.”

No Sense of Humor

This one’s important. It’s difficult for a man to have fun with a woman if she isn’t able to laugh at the same things. Some ladies are easily offended and sensitive, while others go with the flow and know how to take (or make) a joke.

No Interests or Hobbies

Men like women who have hobbies and are passionate about something. Nothing’s worse than asking a woman what she wants to do, and she responds, “I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

Being Addicted to Social Media

This is a big pet peeve for many men. There’s nothing worse than going on a date with a girl who can’t stop looking at her phone. It appears that she’s more interested in her Instagram account than the person sitting next to her. It can also be a problem when a woman posts everything about her life online. Some things should be kept private.


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