New Study: More Chores Equals Less Sex

Bad news for progressive couples: husbands and wives who split household chores along gender lines have more sex than couples who shared tasks more equitably.

Sociologists at the University of Washington reviewed data on how married couples in the US split household labour and compared it to self-reports on how often said couples enjoyed intercourse and found that couples who share choirs the most equally have the least amount of sex.

Husbands in the study who did no stereotypically female tasks (we assume they mean cooking, dusting doilies, and… knitting?) had sex 1.6 times more often than husbands who shared housework.

Furthermore, husbands who shared housework but stuck to mainly stereotypically male jobs (yard work, trash-taking-out… wood-chopping?) had .7 times more sex than in couples where the wife did all the male work.

If you’re one of the progressive couples from the study, it’s worth noting that the study only took into account quantity of sex, not the quality. Also, changing your routine probably won’t help that much, since refusing to help with any chores might result in no sex at all. And divorce.


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