Pimp Your Pad for Her

You took down the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar, scrubbed your bathroom and stashed your bong (we hope). You’re not done yet. Here, the subtleties of prepping your pad.

Lose all evidence of exes
You’ve ditched the pictures (natch), but you might want to think twice about those lovely throw cushions that Stacey gave you. If they scream female influence, she might ask about them – and then you’re in a jam.

Add personality to your place
If your walls are bare, you better get to work. You don’t have to be an art collector: An interesting mirror or a mounted print — even a tasteful concert poster ­— will do. Framed, of course. Pushpins have no place on a gentleman’s wall.

Strategically place conversation starters
Use your place to showcase your personality. Into travelling? Have a few photos of your adventures on the fridge. An avid reader? Leave a couple of your recent faves on the coffee table. Tennis anyone? Leave out your racket. It could be love.

Show you’re Mr. Fix It
We’ll ultimately look to you to fix our toilet, so make sure yours isn’t leaky. Every drawer, door and cupboard must have a handle. Every light bulb should burn bright.

Make your bed look inviting
When you show her your room, you want her to picture herself in your bed. Remember the three Cs: clean, cozy and coordinated (your duvet and pillowcases should match). The fourth C, condoms, should be handy but not too handy; you want to look prepared, not presumptuous.

Image courtesy of rent-a-moose

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