Stand by Your Bridezilla

Our editorial series, A Guy’s Guide to Getting Hitched, continues.

Marriage means you’re committed to managing one crazy female for the rest of your life, but in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you’re likely to have a couple more on your hands: the moms. In wedding planning, even the most laid-back mother may seize try to the reins like some crazed stagecoach bandit. Here’s how to ensure your wedding planning is free of mama drama.

Crisis: Your Mom is trash-talking your fiancée.
Resolution: Your mother may have given you life, but you’ll be spending the remainder of it with your wife. You must defend your future wife, even if her nickname ends with “zilla.” Also: Always resist the temptation to badmouth your future mother-in-law, no matter what your fiancée says.

Crisis: One mom feels left out; the other is meddling.
Resolution: Assign each mother a project, like catering, décor or flowers. Delegate properly and the moms will do the thing you need most: They’ll leave you alone.

Crisis: Your fiancée’s stressing about your family’s drama.
Resolution: If your Mom refuses to sit beside your Dad’s 22-year-old girlfriend, it’s your job to sort it out. The same goes for alcoholics, kleptomaniacs and unruly children on your side of the family.

Crisis: The moms are fighting, the bride is crying, the aunts are drunk and your sister-in-law-to-be is hitting on you.
Resolution: Wedding planners have seen it all; hire one for their diplomatic skills. They’ll be a lightning rod for any possible mom rage. Which means you might actually enjoy your big day.

Image courtesy of Plum Deify.

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