Thanks, Now Magazine!

Bless Now magazine — who else could take so very seriously and negatively our light-hearted Booty Pass experiment? Who else could take such an innocent piece of fun and make it somehow sexist? Well, finding sexism in fun is what Now is trained to do: they work hard at it, and by golly they always find it. We respect such determination.

The Booty Pass, as we explained to a Now reporter, is more than anything a way of having a public discussion about sexual mores in the big city — about who’s having sex when and what the urban pitfalls are. It is, admittedly, also a way of drawing some attention to XYYZ and the fun surveys we frequently conduct. As we explained to the reporter the Booty Pass is available to both men and women, and that we had heard from both men and women who complained about the cost of friendly sex in the city. Undaunted, Now gravely went to an expert in gender studies who duly denounced our gag as evidence of overblown male egos.

But what really made us laugh about the Now article was its earnest denunciation of our promotion of “late-night sex”. Now — the city’s biggest and most graphic promoter of prostitution, tug-jobs and phone sex — is against late-night sex? Now makes more money from late-night sex than Heidi Fleiss.

Isn’t this just delicious?

We are not sure why we so enrage the staff of Now magazine. We don’t understand why our regular advice on tie widths, classical music, coffee shops and cocktails so offends them — this is the third time they have been moved to insult us in print. At any rate, we’re glad of the publicity.

Thanks, Now!

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