1959 Ford Thunderbird

There are plenty of reasons to pick up a 1956 Ford Thunderbird. They look cool, they pull 225 bhp, and if you’re stuck in the fifties, they’re the car you want. But this Thunderbird actually has a pretty unique story. It used to be owned by Alamo Airways, which was based on Alamo Field, the precursor to Vegas’s McCarran International Airport. The Thunderbird was used to speed along the tarmac and bring supplies to planes. Sometimes this included fire fighting equipment, because the fifties were awesome.

In 1958, this Thunderbird was used to help keep a Cessna 172 aloft for nearly sixty-five days. It had a gas tank in the back and would refuel the very low flying plane while guys passed supplies back and forth using a rope. That plane still has the longest continuous flight record. For $60,000 to $70,000, though, you can have the car.

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