She Writes: 10 Reasons Skinny Guys Are Sexy

Like men, women are attracted to all sorts of builds. But whether ladies will admit it or not, we have a sweet spot for skinny guys. Guys might think that we only want that photoshopped, Ryan-Gosling inspired 8-pack look, but it’s really not the case. Here’s our case for why skinny guys are just as sexy, if not sexier, than the built ones.

1. Because when they hug us, we don’t have to worry about them squeezing too hard and breaking us.

2. Skinny guys remind us of the raw attraction they have to rocker guys (Adam Levine, anyone?) Adam Levine should generally be the #1 argument for skinny dudes being hot.

3. Because they’ve been forced to rely on other skillsets to be attractive, not just popping their pecs and biceps. Being ripped is overrated – skinny guys have to work on their game and personality, and will most likely charm our pants off!

4. Because those natural abs and that coveted groin-area V will make literally every woman swoon.

5. Because our conversations won’t revolve around how many reps they did that night, if its “legs” day, or arguments about protein powders. Muscleheads can appeal to some women, but the conversations with the gym-obsessed can get exhausting. Skinny guys are less egotistical, for the most part!

6. If your girl is a foodie, she doesn’t have to worry about him being nit-picky over your diet and forcing you to eat unseasoned grilled chicken breast with unseasoned veggies. Nope, you guys can go on guilt-free lobster roll and ice cream sundae adventures galore.

7. Because skinny celebs have our heart, so why wouldn’t a normal skinny dude?

Adrian Brody, Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hiddleston… want us to go on forever? Because we could.

8. Because they’re more appreciative of a curvy woman! Or on the other side, if you’ve snagged a lanky girl, you guys will be able to empathize on a lot of stuff.

9. Because with a skinny guy, we’ll usually be able to have the last glass of red instead of fighting him for it. If he’s tall, he might still be able to win. But While out drinking your man might not be attractive to some women, having more wine is always a plus, and keeps us happy!

10. Because they wear skinny jeans better than most guys. And we can probably share them. We can probably share most of our clothes, which might emasculate some guys, but for an empowered skinny guys, sharing some unisex sweats with bae can be quite sexy.

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