2018 Mercedes-Benz E 400 4MATIC Coupe

To call the E 400 Coupe greater than the sum of its parts would be an insult because the individual bits are superb, but the total package(s) working together is exquisite.

Let’s look at some of those pieces.

A hearty bi-turbo 6-cylinder engine is capable of 329hp, a slingshotty 345lb-ft of torque, and is governed by the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission.  That’s 9 gears and the ability to shift manually with paddles should you want.

As it stands, you can get from 0 to 100kmh in 5.3 seconds, so neither turbo lag nor torque poses any problem. It runs on premium, no surprise.  Sport mode delivers an entirely different vehicle from ECO, and you can customize your own preferred mode.

Normally I advise_F8A9616-1200×818 against adding all-wheel drive to a purchase, but the E 400 sits a bit low and getting going in winter may require extra gription. Moreover, because you’re Canadian, you get 4MATIC (aka all-wheel drive) standard here, so any countering argument’s moot.

How comfortable is it?  See the Sport Package below for a taste of what’s up front.  Maybe stop there. Access to the surprisingly spacious rear isn’t so difficult, but few people buy a coupe for family outings.  You can flatten the backseat for extra storage room on getaway trips.

This tester included a bounty of extras.  The $4,000 Premium Package was like rich custard, marzipan, and candles on a sweet German pastry.  From the Burmester Surround Sound system to heated armrests and illuminated door sills, none of this package’s features were necessary — that is, until you enjoyed them a couple of times.

The $2,700 and euphemistically titled Intelligent Drive Package is actually a grouping of safety features (you’re not neurotic about safety; you’re intelligent!).  It includes all the expected advanced safety bobs you expect these days in a premium vehicle.  And others you didn’t.

Take Pre-Safe Sound.  Among the many harmful effects of a crash, one of the least discussed is the noise.  But collisions can be deafening.  If the computer senses an impending, inevitable bang-up, Pre-Safe Sound emits a buffering pink noise to lessen the harm done to your hearing.

Meanwhile, the coupe’s exceptional amount of radar and video take you higher up the scale into automated driving.  This E 400 could switch lanes, perform its own emergency collision avoidance moves and, frankly best of all, park itself into tight spots.

_F8A0395-1200×800If the Premium Package is marzipan on pastry, the Sport Package, also a $2,700 upgrade, is Avignon mustard and peppercorns on steak.

Sexy 19” AMG 5-spoke wheels are fitted with all season run-flat tires.  Dynamic Body Control tightens the ride but, lest you worry about knocking your bones around, the front seats massage you in a variety of regions.

We could get carried away talking about the packages because the E 400 comes with plenty of great stuff standard in the base price of $72,700 (and so it should).  However, put together, all these extra options and packages mesh superbly with the generous standards and utter essentials, providing an integrated and thoroughly satisfying, umm, commute.

Base Price $72,700

As driven $87,200


This is a test