All About Scooters

So, don’t want a car, but still need to motor around in style? Consider a scooter. We caught up with Clyde Grey, general manager over at Motoretta, who caught us up to speed  on this growing trend.

How fast do scooters go?
Most scooters that have an engine size of 50cc can go between 50-60km/h. But there are scooters that have larger engines than this, and those can reach speeds of well over 120 km/h.

What do they cost?
An entry level scooter can cost less than $2,000. The range for the Honda scooters runs from $1,999 to $3,500.

How do you maintain one?
Maintenance costs are typically less than $200 per year, and the simple design of scooters means that many customers chose to do their own maintenance.

How much gas does the average scooter take?
Some scooters average more than 100 miles per gallon! Many of our customers spend less money on gas per year than they do on a Metropass for one month.

What licence do you need to drive a scooter? How do we get one?
You need to write the multiple choice M1 or LSM1 test done through the MTO. It costs less than $20 and allows you to drive for three months, and after which there is a simple road test (done in a parking lot) to demonstrate the rider can control and handle a scooter safely.

Yeah, but what does Jeremy Clarkson say about them?
The Honda Cub was declared the top Motorcycle of All Time by Top Gear.  In the episode they even dropped it from a building and then picked it up and it still ran!

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