5 Style Lessons from the Hockey Night in Canada Crew

Today the Hockey Night in Canada crew will take part in Fashion Night in Canada, where they will unveil some new style choices, created by pairing each cast member with a top Canadian fashion designer. DailyXY caught up with some of the broadcast crew before the big unveiling, to get some fashion tips from the Hockey Night in Canada cast.

1. Start Feeling Great by Looking Great

Ron Maclean, styled by Christopher Bates

“You always feel great when you think you look great. But if I feel like I’m going too far, I worry and I lose a little bit of my confidence. It’s a balancing act for sure.” – Ron Maclean

Ron Maclean preaches the most important aspect of an outfit is the way it makes you feel. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, both in how it fits and how it looks, you’ll project confidence. Maclean says it’s important to wear what makes you feel good, not just what looks good. This mantra has influenced his new fashion choice. His pairing with Christopher Bates led to him staying true to his usual attire, but adding a little bit of boldness and comfortable fabric.

For Maclean, choosing a suit is “a real challenge for us in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What can we wear that you won’t die outside and come into the arena and catch cold?” With this in mind, Maclean’s new look combines functionality and classic style.

For a gentlemanly outfit like Ron’s, try the Calvin Klein CK Suit Jacket ($158) with a laid back tie, like this one from Armani ($117).

2. Take Risks

Elliotte Friedman, styled by Haithem Elkadiki

“Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a little bit . . . and try something that you wouldn’t normally do. It’s fun.” – Elliotte Friedman

Friedman has the reputation as one of the more conservative dressers on Hockey Night in Canada, but he has taken a chance and gone in a new direction. Friedman says it is important to know what you are comfortable with, but it does not hurt to try new things. He says “The one thing I am willing to do is to try things…If someone says to me, ‘try this,’ my initial reaction is ‘I don’t know,” but when I think about it I say, “Okay, I’m going to give it a shot.” Listening and learning from other people’s opinions is very important for Friedman.

“I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone here, but sometimes you need to do that,” Friedman says. His new look is very different to what he normally wears, but like he says, it is important to try new things and not limit yourself. Friedman’s look is daring and will definitely catch a few eyes, which is never a bad thing.

To try something like Elliotte, take a look at the Herringbone Blazer ($329) and La Boca Tan Chinos ($129) combination from Indochino.

3. Stand Out

P.J. Stock, styled by Philip Sparks

“You get one chance at that first impression. You want someone to look at you and take you seriously but at the same time think you are fun and at the same time classy.” – P.J. Stock

Stock is also all about taking chances. In the past he has raised eyebrows with choices like popping his suit collar. But now he stresses the importance of combining a classic look with adding something that will make you look unique.

“I love mixing and matching different colours and patterns,” says Stock. His new look combines several colours and looks lesiurely, lively and elegant all at the same time. Stock enjoys looks that have several dimensions all at once, “We have some serious with some fun. I think it sums me up perfectly.” Whatever event you are dressing for, mixing colours, patterns, and attitudes is a great way to look in place, but also stand out from the crowd.

To emulate P.J.’s look, try dapper blazers like this olive-coloured one from Indochino ($264). Don’t forget to add shoes like the Canali Cap Toe Brogue Shoe ($595) as well.

4. Details Matter

Kevin Weekes, styled by Marlon Durrant

“It’s all about the details . . . My shoes have to be on point, my watch has to be on point, my beaded bracelet has to tie in . . . It’s a sign of respect for the person on the other side of the TV. It’s something I take very seriously.” – Kevin Weekes

Weekes believes every little detail counts when putting an outfit together, a position inspired by his time in the NHL, “As a former goalie, it’s a game of inches… There’s very little difference between making a save and the puck going into the net.”

The same can be said about fashion. It is very important to pay attention to the little things in order to present a great look. For Weekes, getting the details right is important even if you are the only one that will notice. “Some people come in to the studio and will be wearing beat up shoes or sneakers and say ‘They’re under the desk anyway.’ For me, that doesn’t fly.” Knowing that you are doing things right adds confidence and comfort to whatever one is wearing. His suit is made up of little details such as patterns that harken back to his roots in the Caribbean, aspects of Canadiana that show Canada is his home and fine Italian shoes, because they are Italian, of course.

For a look like Kevin’s, try ties with energy like the Hugo Boss Silk Mixed Dot Print ($95) or the Clover Leaf tie from Zegna ($225). Also, these Vintage Hockey Cufflinks ($195) from Tateossian- London will certainly get some attention.

5. Develop Thick Skin

Inevitably, when you’re trying something new, moving out of your comfort zone, or wearing something that people aren’t used to seeing, you’re going to hear criticism every now and then. Each member of the Hockey Night in Canada team believes being able to handle this criticism is vital in the fashion world.

“If you take a chance on your attire, sometimes you’re going to hear it,” says Ron Maclean about criticism. The Hockey Night in Canada team is especially susceptible to hearing criticism like no one else due to Twitter and other social media.

“My Twitter feed is going to be jammed with ‘Oh my God,” says Elliotte Friedman, and he’s okay with that. Having a thick skin and telling yourself it’s going to be fine if you take a chance (and maybe make a few mistakes) is a requirement of someone looking to stand out in the crowd. Knowing the world isn’t going to end if someone pops a joke about your shoes does wonders for your confidence and makes the look work even better.

To get a closer look at how the Hockey Night in Canada crew arrived at their new looks, be sure to tune in to Fashion Night in Canada at 7:30 p.m.

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