How Much Would You Pay for James Bond’s Car?

And we’re not talking about a BMW or Aston Martin. We’re talking about the Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me. That’s right, the one that shot into the water and turned into a submarine in a blink of an eye.

The car was recently sold at an auction in London for $968,000, according to CNET. The Lotus Esprit had spent the last ten years in a stuffy Long Island storage locker.

There are several drawbacks to the car, however. Although the auction company called the Lotus Esprit “fully functional,” it cannot actually turn from car to sub. In fact, the Esprit has no wheels and is not really a car at all. There were two cars used in the movie, one that drove and one that went underwater.

So you still have a pretty cool mini-submarine though, right? Well the Lotus is a wet submarine, meaning that the car will be full of water when it submerges. But the car can still drive underwater, so there’s that.

But sadly, there’s no way you can wear your tux on your way to Monaco inside the submarine car without the tux getting ruined.

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