The DailyXY Guide to London

Having the toll of Big Ben in your ears, the smell of Borough Market in your nostrils, and the images in the Tate Modern in your eyes, London is a sensory experience every world traveler must take in. But with so much to choose from, doing it all during one … Read More

Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes Newcomers Make in the Gym

With a New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions, and for most guys getting into shape is on the top of the list. Yet, it seems by the beginning of March, gyms are deserted and New Year’s resolutions are forgotten. Why? “I’d say 80% of people that sign up don’t use … Read More

Data Shows Facebook Hastags Are Meaningless

Hashtags were created by Twitter, and even though other social media networks try to replicate Twitter’s success with them, it seems that it just doesn’t work. New data released by EdgeRank Checker, a Facebook analytics service, shows that hashtags have no effect on the world’s most popular social network. In … Read More

A New Way of Removing Brain Tumours

The next leap in medical science may have been inspired by the lowly maggot. But those disgusting little larvae may have the blueprint to removing brain tumours more effectively than our current methods. The idea came from J. Marc Simard, a neurosurgery professor at the University of Maryland. Simard saw … Read More

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