Infiniti QX50 – Before: These Are Basics?

I’ve never loved crossovers. They’re the girls who cain’t say no of the auto world, trying to please everyone. But like labradoodles, anime documentaries, bacon–peanut butter sandwiches, and Kanye/McCartney duets, though they feel wrong at first, you do get used to them—and even come like stuff about them.

There was certainly I liked a lot about the 2016 Infiniti QX50. I recently drove two versions of this same crossover, back to back, spending a week in each. This first week, we’ll look at the base, no-frills QX50. Warning though: when you’re talking about Infiniti, ‘no frills’ is still pretty much comprehensive.

Examples? The QX50’s ‘base’ model comes with push-button start; heated front seats (with leather covering); XM satellite radio for unlimited curious exploration; power everything you’d expect; and the main ‘distracted driving’ favourites at your fingertips in the steering wheel to minimize your attention away from the road.

And there’s that engine: a wolf in crossover’s clothing.

Weighing just over 4,000 lbs., the QX50 is powered by a deliciously virile 3.7L V6 heart that emits 325hp at 7,000rpm. So despite the heft, it retains plenty of agile spring when you want it.

For weekenders who love quitting the city, the QX50 would be a good option.

Between the all-wheel drive and vehicle dynamic control system, you’d have to work hard to mess up on the roads. You’re still fairly high with good views of the road but with its lengthy wheelbase of 113.4 inches, the QX50 provides lots more grip than you’d expect. The suspension works harmoniously for some tight fluidity. It’s no sedan, but you still enjoy good control without feeling every bump in the road.

For the price, this base QX50 represents good value for that weekend-warrior crossover customer.

However, if your life is majority city-bound, you want to be careful. It has a turning circle of over 37 feet, making quick escapes a challenge. Plus, that sweet engine only drinks from the top shelf, then renders 13.7L/100km in the city versus 9.7L/100km on the highway. If these issues aren’t a problem and you like a bit more luxury, read the next installment on this model’s enhanced sister, the QX50 High Tech. It’s all this more (albeit more expensive).

MSRP $37,900
All-in with taxes and charges $40,180


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