Infiniti QX50 – After: The Premiums

If you already read my complaints about crossovers in general, tempered by what is truly good about the QX50, you know that we’re here in this article to talk about the bling.

The difference between the base QX50 and this high tech trim is a 20% jump in price, for a lot of the same car. So let’s evaluate those extras.

First, the Premium Package ($4,400) adds a lot of style to the passenger experience. The highlights include 19” alloy wheels; a Bose premium audio package with 11 thoughtfully placed speakers; advanced climate control, ideal for the truly fussy; and an 8-way power passenger seat. Again, this is all good news for the passengers. But let’s take a moment to discuss the truly remarkable Nissan/Infiniti around view monitor system with front and rear sonar. It provides 360 degrees of camera angles, as though you were sitting atop the car and had eyes in the back of your head.

When you’re venturing into the $50k territory before leaving the lot—and if you spend most of your time in city traffic—you want to keep your ride scratch-free and this helps for tight city lanes, corners and parking lots. Check it out.

The Technology Package is $2,500 for extra helpings of intervening safety technologies: intelligent brake assist, intelligent cruise control, lane departure warning, lane departure prevention, distance control assist and blind spot warning. These are all much disdained by auto geeks but if you have younger or nervous other drivers (or you’re one of these yourself, no judgment here) they could save lives—especially in the city where, as we implied above, there’s just so much more to hit.

Then there’s the Navigation Package, which comes in at an extra $3,000 and has voice-recognition technology . . . not unlike your phone, which has all the same at no extra charge. So it’s two steps forward and one back.

This crossover really is a lot of car before the extras. You can read the other story here.

MSRP Bling-Free $37,900
All-in with packages, taxes and charges $50,080

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