Kriavan Expedition Vehicle

Man, forget your retro Winnebago. If you want to launch the kind of expedition that might be confused with a scene from Jurassic Park III, you need a Kriavan Expedition Vehicle ($TBD). It’s off-road, all-wheel drive, three hundred pound tires that can run flat, a hydro-pneumatic suspension system, and a cockpit that rivals most planes. The trailer has a solar battery charging system, swing-out modules, a raising roof, a full kitchen, a dining area with a 4K TV screen, up to three sleeping areas, and a bathroom that doubles as a shower.

Also, it has a full office with networked computers that include video and image editing software, GIS, signal-processing software. Next to that is an operator’s console, which has receiver control and signal analysis, PNT, and telemetry reception.

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