1953 Bandini 750 Sport Siluro

The year is 1953. Ilario Bandini has been making racecars since the 1940s, mainly using Fiat engines. But his cars attracted the favour of Tony Pompeo, an Italian immigrant in New York who imported racecars. Pompeo wanted a Bandini that could complete in the under-750cc class, so he sent Ilario … Read More

1925 Henderson De Luxe with Goulding Sidecar

How big a deal was Henderson motorcycles a hundred years ago? Well, in 1913, the first circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle did it on a Henderson. Then, a Henderson broke the “Cannonball” Baker cross-country record by four days. Even automobile magnate Henry Ford bought one. The Henderson De Luxe, … Read More

Bookshelf: Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

There’s no way around it: Harley-Davidson makes a sweet motorcycle. Japan, keep your crotchrockets. Europe, if we wanted something overwrought and weighing the size of a pregnant rhino, we’d buy a car—which is what BMW should stick with. When it comes to motorcycles, nothing beats the iconic style of our … Read More

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