Robotic Parking Is A Clever Solution For Urban Spaces

Imagine parking 16 cars in just two parking spaces. That’s exactly what Smart Parking Solutions Inc. does. The vertical rotary car park is both space-saving and environmentally friendly. Drivers can use it by themselves or ask an attendant for help—the units are completely automated.

The mechanized system is commonly used throughout Europe and Asia and also has a presence in the Middle East, the United States and Canada. It’s perfect in areas where parking spaces are limited. Smart Parking replaces buildings that feature multiple stories. Software powers the Smart Parking system, which is easy to use and requires minimal training for attendants.

It takes as little as three to four people just a few days to construct the Smart Parking system, preventing the need for major construction. Just two parking spots are required for the system—or 6.5 x 5 meters of space. This increases parking capacity by up to 800 percent. It’s easy to add new units to existing ones, and they can be swiftly moved or relocated within a parking lot.

Retrieving a car from the system takes just 90 and 150 seconds. The units even work during a power outage. They can be switched to manual operation, and gravity brings the cars down so they are always accessible.

Safety is also integrated into the system, which includes perimeter and area sensors, alarms, and remote monitoring capabilities. Vehicles secured in the units are protected from the weather, vandalism, dust and corrosive elements. Dents and scratches that arise from traditional parking lots are significantly reduced in the rotary car park.

Underground pits aren’t required. The Smart Parking system uses a simple foundation and anchors. A single unit can hold between six and 16 vehicles, depending on its size. There are three different-sized units. One of them, SUX, caters to full-size SUVs and can hold up to 12 of them at a time.

The system is quieter and runs smoother than other automated parking systems. The noise generated from the units is between 60-65 dB, which is slightly louder than an average air conditioner unit.

The system is easy to operate due to its sophisticated software and automation. Users can access them with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card, touchpad, or keypad.

The Smart Parking system was designed and manufactured by DONGYANG PC, Inc. in South Korea.

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