Shelby Mustang Fifty Years

So, you like Mustangs. You read their reviews, like to see ‘em refurbished, own a Mustang poster or two, and have even considered picking up a Mustang pool table. So what’s the next step, aside from actually picking up a new Mustang?

Well, I would pick up a copy of Shelby Mustang Fifty Years ($55). Written by Colin Comer, noted expert on collector cars, this book is everything for the Mustang enthusiast and more. It’s a detailed history of the Shelby Mustang, sure, but it’s also about more than the car itself, it’s about love of the car. There aren’t many cars out there that inspire the passionate response that the Shelby Mustang does, and this book explains why, featuring interviews with owners, historic photography, and snazzy restorations. Here’s a little taste:

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