The Best Places to Off-Road in Canada

Now that you know a bit about off-roading, get ready to put your skills to the test. There are plenty of spots to off-road across Canada; hook up with your local 4×4 club go exploring.

British Colombia

Old logging roads abound in British Colombia, and there are plenty of trails that range from fairly easy dirt roads to much more complex rock crawling trails. On the Island, Extension Ridge is a criss-crossing mesh of dirt trails thanks to the timber and mining industries. However, for a bit of an alpine challenge, nothing beats Whistler. You can either do a guided tour or take on one of the region’s many gravel roads yourself.


Alberta is home to dozens of great off-roading sites, with lots of challenging terrain. Check out Fallen Timber, which is 70 km north of Cochrane, for numerous marked trails around the nearby campsite. McLean Creek, 60 km south west of Calgary, also has a number of marked trails. Both sites have plenty of mud, hills, and open areas ideal for off-roading, not to mention a fantastic view of the Rockies.


To off-road in Ontario, you’ll have to head north. Concession Lake, 40 kms from Peterborough, is one of the most popular off-roading trails, considering that it has a few tight spots, rough patches, and a few large rocks to get around. If you’re closer to Ottawa and want go to easy, try California Road Trail. For more ideas, check out Ontario Trails Council.


Thetford Mines remains one of the most popular off-roading locations in Quebec, perhaps owing to it’s rocks, challenging hills, and heavy snow. Quebec also has a number of off-road events, like Extreme 4×4, which builds a trail that’ll challenge even the most experienced off-roader.

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