TwinRev: Supercar Showdowns

Can’t stop arguing over which supercars are the best? Settle down, TwinRev is here to help.

TwinRev is a supercar enthusiasts dream come true. Basically, it’s a massive database of supercars that’ll let you compare vehicles on things like 1-60, top speed, price, braking distance, torque, horsepower, quarter mile, and much more.

Basically, you select two cars from their database, and the site spits out a side-by-side comparison. In our Aventador versus Veyron example, the Veyron gets a higher scores based on its top speed, but the site also compares the car’s 0-60, 0-100, Top Gear track time (they have Nurburing as well), quarter mile, and breaking distance, and includes citations for each of these comparisons. The report also highlights key differences, and is rounded out with a side-by-side of the car’s specs.

So, will TwinRev settle supercar arguments once and for all? Doubtful. We suspect that it’ll just provide more ammunition to gearheads, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

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