Two-Wheeling in Toronto

Things are changing in Toronto. For many, they’ve become both recreation and transportation. City Hall recently announced its 2008 Bike Plan initiatives. These include 50 km of new bike lanes, Eglinton and Bloor-Danforth path upgrades, and the West Toronto Rail Path begins construction. Here’s what else is happening:

Bike Month
begins this week, and runs through until June 21 with events throughout the city.

The Toronto Criterium returns to the streets of Toronto on May 30 after a 17-year hiatus, with races for all ages happening around the St. Lawrence Market area.

The TTC is installing those easy-to-use bike racks on the majority of buses this year. (Bikes are also allowed on all vehicles during non-peak hours.) GO Transit is creating covered bike storage areas at most stations, and installing bike racks on all buses. Bikes are allowed to be transported in the galley between each train car.

Sign up for a bike repair course or bring your bike in for a spring tune at either the Community Bicycle Network (CBN) or Bike Pirates, both non-profit volunteer-run organizations. You can use their tools, have someone work with you, or have someone do all the work. All services are on a sliding scale depending on the level of participation you are willing to input.

The City of Toronto offers a variety of CAN-BIKE safety and cycling skills courses.

There’s lots of useful information at

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