Lumos Bicycle Helmet

How do we make night-time riding safer, aside from dedicated bike lanes? Well, this Lumos bicycle helmet ($100) will probably help. It has lights at the front and back, and it even has turn signals that integrate wirelessly to switches on your handlebars. Oh, and it has a built-in accelerometer, … Read More

Five-Point Commute

Just what our day needs: more harnesses. [FLIZ Concept] [youtube width=”720″][/youtube]

How to Convert Your Bike to a Fixie

Fixed-gear bicycles are more than just an essential hipster accessory; they’re also the best way to feel “at one” with your bicycle. Minimal moving parts means that maintenance is a breeze; the ride, however, isn’t always so easy: a fixed-gear bike means no coasting – even downhill. What’s more is … Read More

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