Volvo’s Space-Age Solar Charger

Let’s say you’re driving your brand new Volvo, the plug-in diesel hybrid V60, when your battery starts to get a little low. Well, that’s what the diesel is for, but a little addition to the V60 can do you one better: you can simply unfurl this solar charging canopy and juice your car with the sun’s rays.

The Pure Tension canopy, as the name suggests, remains taunt due to tension in its outer aluminium rods, which support the canopy made of a mesh fabric membrane made of recycled plastics. Said mesh fabric holds photovoltaic cells, capturing energy from the sun and sending it to your battery.

So, Pure Tension is made from green materials, captures green energy, for the purpose of supporting a pretty green car, which looking like a space-age force field to boot. If it can provide shade while we eat a pit-stop sandwich, we’ll admit we’re in love.

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