12 Things About Being Conan O’Brien’s Assistant

Sona Movsesian, Conan O’Brien’s assistant, gained some notoriety a few weeks back when someone stole her Gigolos mug and Conan decided to hunt it down on the show. Then, she did an AMA on Reddit.

On the craziest thing Conan’s ever asked her to do:

One time when I hadn’t been working for him long, right after Michael Jackson died, he called and said he wanted a private viewing of Michael Jackson’s body. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, so I wrote it down and started thinking about how I would do it. Then he called back and said that he also was interested in adopting blanket and that’s when I knew he was joking. He laughed at me for a long time then took my notebook where I had written down “private viewing of Michael Jackson’s body” and showed everyone and everyone laughed at me too.

On Conan’s relationship advice:

He’s the worst wingman in the world.

On Conan’s constant attempts to embarrass:

He told rolling stone magazine that I was born in another country and that my father was in the middle of a goat attack when he fashioned a basket made of twigs and placed me in there. He then said I floated to this country and learned how to speak English by watching reruns of Dynasty, or something like that. He LOVES to embarrass me, and then he likes to high-five me after.

On Conan and Andy’s real life friendship:

They’re both cool, smart, family men and they get along. Andy’s one of my favourite people.

On attempting to keep a professional relationship:

I think we were trying to be mature with each other for the first few months, and then he said it sounded like I was arguing with Dracula when I was talking to my grandma one day and everything went to shit. Since then, he’s been like the second older brother i never wanted and never asked for.

On fighting traffic tickets:

I’ve beaten three, including a red light camera ticket. I fight with words and I install fear in people.

On the possibility of styling her hair like Conan’s:

No. I like myself.

On Conan’s favourite lunch:


On the fate of that Gigolo mug:

I still keep it in the kitchen, but people know to stay away from it. Also, ShowTime recently sent us 13 more.

On Conan’s string dance:

But if we’re on hiatus and he hasn’t done a show in a while, he just does it for no reason

On showbiz sex scandals:

Not sure if that’s a common thing, but I find Conan sexually repulsive, so it’s not something that happens here. Also, this isn’t the 60s.

On drinking at work:

I am drinking right now.