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PartSource is building Canada’s foremost auto parts specialty chain. Launched in 1999, we are currently over 90 stores strong in 5 provinces.nnOur goal is to become the most recommended auto parts store in Canada. We staff our stores with experienced auto parts professionals and automotive enthusiasts who share their customers' passion for cars and trucks.nnDriven by passion and guided by expertise, PartSource is a chain of automotive parts specialty stores that offer brand-name auto parts to the medium to heavy "do-it-yourselfers", automotive enthusiasts and commercial installers. Learn 'do it yourself' tips from the pros and review step-by-step instructions from light to heavy DIY jobs, including oil change, tire repair and how to change brake pads. Find automotive and truck parts and accessories in PartSource stores across Canada, including auto parts stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

370 Ontario St., St Catharines, Ontario (ON) L2R 5L8
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