Alone in Siberia, the Stars of Kids, and Cooking for Kim Jong-il

Legends Never
It’s been two decades since Kids, and the film’s stars have gone onto become celebrities, adults, and statistics.

Dear Leader Dreams of SushiGQ
Sushi chef Kenji Fujimoto spent eleven years as Kim Jong-il’s personal chef, crony, drinking buddy, and confidant. This is his story.

The Guilty ManTexas Monthly
Michael Morton spent nearly 25 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit: the murder of his wife. A year and a half after his release, he was back in the courtroom, testifying against the man who really did it.

In the CrosshairsThe New Yorker
Chris Kyle, the US sniper with the highest kill count, died trying to help a troubled veteran.

Russia: Solitude in Siberia The Guardian
Ever needed to get away from it all? To the point where you head for Siberia?

The Battle for Castle ItterHistory Net
In the spring of 1945, one of the strangest battles of the Second World War was fought—with Americans and Germans on the same side.

Drugstore CowboyWired
Over the past decade, an unapologetic con-man made millions selling illegal pharmaceuticals online; then he caused the federal government to hit up Google for $500 million.

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