Books For Boys

Party Going, by Henry Green. (Random House UK) This classic from 1939 is often said to be the most famous modernist book you’ve never heard of. The entire story takes place among rich and idle young people trapped in a London railway station hotel, waiting for a train to take them to a holiday in France. The writing is extraordinary: a style that will dazzle, confuse and intrigue you.

The Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke, by Steven Hayward
. (Knopf Canada) This sweet and funny novel of Toronto in the 1930s came out in 2005. It jumps from Jewish to Italian neighbourhoods, and includes a portrayal of the famous Christie Pits baseball-game race riot. The character or Ruthie, a young, would-be communist, is the flawed and sympathetic gem of the book.

The Long Slide, by James Grainger
. (ECW) More Toronto stories: these are set among suburban slackers. They’re both funny and depressing.

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