How to Ruin Your Casual Hook-Up

Women aren’t as easy to lock down as they used to be. Now that their lives are filled with the joys of jobs, yoga classes and a 24-hour Food Network, chances are your hook-up doesn’t need you for anything more than wild, animalistic sex. To help you make the leap from wanton … Read More

The 21st Century Writer

Melville never had to ignore the attraction of satellite television when he penned Moby Dick; Hemingway didn’t have the option of playing Modern Warfare 3 instead of writing A Farewell to Arms; and Shakespeare wouldn’t have needed to write “Sonnet 130” if he could have just texted his feelings to … Read More

Festival of Authors

Starting today, the intoxicating scent of freshly printed paper will waft through Harbourfront’s halls for eleven days of readings, interviews, lectures and roundtables at the 29th International Festival of Authors. Tear yourself away from the festival’s excellent bookstore for these events, our picks for the festival’s highlights. Renowned cartoonist Lynda … Read More

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