Calgary’s Rising Art Stars

Think it’s only works of art that appreciate over time? Don’t overlook the tremendous value of street cred, that mysterious asset that allows you to say “I knew him when” about the hottest new thing on the art scene. Here are three local rising stars to watch, plus snappy name-drop follow-ups for bonus points.

Scott Rogers
Rogers’ work is cheeky satire. To wit: a toy cat made to resemble a deadly giant (Colossus), and a picture book with references to “blizzard” covered in liquid paper.
See it: Wireframe, an installation that uses luminescent tape to trace the gallery walls in the dark, runs at Stride Gallery until February 13.
Say it: “I simply adore his contributions to the Arbour Lake School residential artist collective.”

Christine Cheung
Whether acrylic on canvas (Dilarang, pictured above) or oil on boards (The Middle of the Night), Cheung’s paintings explore the subjectivity of place.
See it: Her banners will be draped over the Centre Street Bridge as part of the celebrations for Chinatown’s 100th anniversary.
Say it: “Her paintings are such profound, semi-abstract representations of place.”

Dave and Jenn
David Foy and Jennifer Saleik collaborate on works like In Which They Find Themselves Between Here and There, where paintings are six feet off the wall or double-sided and translucent.
See it: The pair will be producing images for banners celebrating Calgary Parks and Recreation’s 100th anniversary.
Say it: “I’m always amazed by how labour-intensive D & J’s layered glazed paintings are.”

Image courtesy of Christine Cheung.


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