Daily XY Guide to Amsterdam

The City of Diamonds have been attracting tourists for years with its liberal atmosphere, beautiful sights, and attitudes toward drugs and prostitution. Amsterdam has something to offer to everyone. For travellers looking for something past man’s vices, check out:

The Best Place to Eat – Cafe Luxembourg

This moderately priced cafe has great food and an even greater view of Spui Square. The menu (both in Dutch and English) is a mix of Dutch favourites and more familiar cuisine for travellers. Most of the seats are located outside, so patrons can bask in the sun and watch the hustle and bustle of central Amsterdam. Its interior transports guests back to the time of Hemingway with international newspapers on tables and antique furniture.

Best Museum to Visit – Anne Frank’s House

Amsterdam is a city of museums, with subjects ranging from marijuana to Vincent Van Gogh. But the one with the most emotional impact is the small space that Anne Frank lived in for more than two years. Its something every single person visiting Amsterdam should experience. Just get there early before the massive lines show up. Other museums worth a look are the Amsterdam Museum and the Amsterdam Maritime Museum.

Best Place to Feel High Class

The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam’s classical concert hall, is renowned as having the best acoustics in the world. On Wednesdays, it puts on a free lunchtime concert. The concert is only 30 minutes, so one can enjoy listening to classical music without worrying it will become too boring. The beautiful music and interior will make any traveller feel like an aristocrat for free. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Best Place to Feel Like an Amsterdammer

When you want to stop feeling like a tourist and act like an Amsterdammer, the best place to go is Vondelpark. This sprawling park is away from the tourist traps inside the centre of the city and is the best place to walk or bike around, take in the flowers, and feel like you’re a local. Its also close to great museums and restaurants.

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