From Christmas to New Year’s

By the time this week ends, you’ll have endured so much wholesome family fun, only Andrew Dice Clay will be able to make you feel normal again. Luckily, he’s coming to town. Our top picks for the parties and events to fill your time till New Year’s Eve.

Film: Feast your eyes on some bite-sized schlock at Cinema du Parc’s Trashy Trailers Thrilling Party, a program of 50 outrageous movie previews from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Expect nudity, violence, monsters and mayhem on celluloid, cut up by the Fantasia Festival’s DJ XL5.
Saturday at 9:15 pm, 3575 Parc Avenue, $10.

Dance: Part singles mixer, part high school regression, French ou meurs (“French or die”) brings celebrated local DJ Plastik Patrik out of (recent) retirement. To keep yourself in check, you might want to wear two pairs of briefs; the evening ends with a 15-minute slow dance. Saturday at 10 pm, La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent Blvd., $4.

Art: The fourth day of Christmas is the last day of Nativité, the latest exhibition at Usine 106U. Incorporating the sexy, surreal and grotesque works of 27 local artists, this window display is to Ogilvy’s as Bad Santais to Miracle on 34th Street. Sunday, 160 Roy Street East.

Filth: Demolish the holiday cheer and family festivities with the lewd and rude stylings of Andrew Dice Clay, in the inappropriately elegant confines of the Olympia Theatre. Sunday at 8 pm, 1004 St. Catherine St. East, (514) 790-1245, $67.17 – $89.74.

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