Gary Bettman, UFC, and Undercover Hitmen

Interview with Gary BettmanGlobe and Mail
“This is a physical game. The players want it physical, that’s how they make their livelihood. The fans want it physical, that’s the nature of the game, but we want to make it as safe as we can. If you go back four years, a shoulder hit to the head was legal. If you go back four years, maybe guys were less willing to admit they were feeling symptoms of a concussion. Part of what we’re doing through rule changes, equipment changes, medical research and medical protocol is change the culture of the game from a safety standpoint in a positive way. We’ve encouraged players who are having symptoms to come forward, get treated – and they’re doing it.”

Opps, You Just Hired the Wrong HitmanGQ
“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives employs an army of guys like him whom nobody’s ever heard of and nobody is supposed to know about. On the street he goes by Thrash or Hammer or any name that might suggest a ruthless killer, but for this story we will call him Special Agent Charles Hunt. People hire him to kill or maim or blow stuff up, and he goes along with it until…he doesn’t. The bust happens. The intended victim is saved. The wacko who ordered the hit gets put away.”

Moms on Top: The Rise of Power Wives, House Husbands, and the New Single-Income FamilyToronto Life
“Six months into motherhood, Daniela was overwhelmed. While the baby was thriving, the dishes and laundry were piling up, and she was ordering in dinner every night. Tim proposed, in the gentlest way possible, that he take over the primary parenting.”

Guts and Gumption: Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Wore Their Hearts on Their HelmetsCollector’s Weekly
“Perhaps most interesting are the helmets painted with ironic or dead-serious anti-war messages, as well as the prevalence of stars-and-stripes helmets, which at first glance may seem like obvious patriotic riffs on the flag and the popular Nazi-smashing comic superhero Captain America. But there was another rebellious “Captain America” known for his stars-and-stripes helmet that young men idolized in 1969—the motorcycle-riding hippie played by Peter Fonda in the film “Easy Rider,” who imports illicit drugs from Mexico, mingles at a commune, patronizes a brothel, and freaks out on acid.”

The Big Fatherhood EssayAt Length
“Ward Cleaver, Mike Brady, Archie Bunker, Mr. Cunningham: what other models? No one expected our fathers to do much beyond buy things, and I wonder whether fathers were relieved or hurt or both by that. We laughed at them. When we weren’t ducking from warning swats, we were busy going through their closets for clues. It wasn’t as if we didn’t know we’d grow up into men one day, but we did think we could avoid becoming boring, filling up with regrets, and even if we stayed in that small town, sighing so much.”

UFC Proves It’s Capable of a KnockoutFast Company
“Now the UFC is at a critical juncture. It could join the country’s major sports leagues—an ascension fueled by big profits, network TV acceptance, and aggressive international expansion. Or, the UFC could mismanage its growth—by fatiguing fans with too many events, failing to resolve labor tensions with fighters, or simply overreaching. And, of course, there’s an inherent question the UFC is finally large enough to confront: Is this sport too violent to thrive in mainstream America?”

How Silicone Valley Helped the NSAForeign Affairs
“There is only one problem: Such protections run counter to the business model and public policy agenda that tech companies have pursued for decades. For years, U.S. information technology (IT) firms have actively backed weak privacy rules that let them collect massive amounts of personal data. The strategy enabled the companies to work their way into every corner of consumers’ lives and gave them a competitive edge internationally. Those same policies, however, have come back to haunt IT firms. Lax rules created fertile ground for NSA snooping. In the wake of the surveillance scandals, as consumer confidence plummets, technology companies’ economic futures are threatened.”

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